I am Andrea Anderton and I am an artist. I always have been! I started out painting and drawing, then ultimately pursed a career in Art Education. I loved teaching high school, I loved my students, I loved being able to draw and paint everyday, and I absolutely LOVED having the challenge of starting a basic photography class from scratch. It was in the classroom where my hobby of photography really became my passion. And after making the difficult decision to stay at home with my sweet new baby to be a full-time mommy, Andrea Anderton Photography began as a way to help keep my creativity alive! 
Have you ever considered - What kind of legacy am I leaving in this digital era?
I specialize in creating custom artwork of your family for your home! I want to help tell your unique story with heirloom wall portraits and albums that will literally become your legacy pieces! I’m not talking about something that is swapped out from year to year, but something that is LASTING - that will celebrate your authentic moments now, as well as become a priceless treasure as it leaves its mark on the ages. 
The Power of Photography:
There is real power that comes when children see positive family relationships displayed in their home everyday. It does so much for their sense of belonging, self-worth, and confidence! Because of this, I want to help you celebrate every stage of your family's life in meaningful ways. I believe that every photograph is a special opportunity to tell a story and should be as timeless as the memory itself. I love being able to capture and celebrate the unique stories and personalities of my clients!​​​​​​​
Life is so precious and time is fleeting! And a photograph is really the only physical way we have of returning to a specific memory. This is why I am so passionate about what I do! I want to create genuine moments with you and preserve them at the highest quality possible, so you can treasure them for a lifetime! Together, let's create an experience where we can really curate the story of your beautiful life, bring your child's imagination to life, and ultimately celebrate your family's small moments in a big way!
Located in Southern Utah